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📗 General Rules

Hi there Surrogate Gamer!

Welcome to the Surrogate community! A place where we work together with creators and enthusiasts to bring real-life experiences to the internet. Letting anyone control reality remotely, even if they’re thousands of miles away. We’re glad to see you here, and hope you can help us shape the future of the Surrogate Reality. But before you jump in and blast off to a new universe of gaming, here are some quick boarding rules.

Keep it coolio

At Surrogate, we want to ensure that everyone gets to share their ideas in a healthy environment. Where people can have passionate, sometimes, heated debates while maintaining decency and staying reasonable. In order for these discussions to thrive, it’s important to criticize ideas and not the people behind them.

Remember to avoid:

*Ad hominem attacks
*Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.

Comments which are flagged as offensive will be reviewed in the context of the conversation and may be removed. Try to stay constructive when commenting on someone else’s thoughts. Remember, there’s always something new that you can learn from other people.

Strive to add value

There are a lot of discussions happening at Surrogate every day. Before joining in a discussion, check what are the most recent and active conversations happening in the community, especially if you’re new here.

Stay organized

Our community is a public space, so let’s keep it tidy and organized. Make sure that what you’re about to post is going to the right place.

Don’t post off-topic comments in the main channel
Check if there’s an existing active discussion for your topic
Don’t cross-post the same topic multiple times
Check any sub-category specific posting guidelines

Let us know if something’s Off

Our moderators do their best to combat spam, resolve disputes and enforce community guidelines, and you should too!

If you see that something is wrong or you belie someone is violating our community guidelines, report it to our moderators.

Stay On-point

Make sure that your topic matches the channel’s focus and is relevant to other sub-community members. For example, all discussions in a game category should be related to that game. Check the community description and latest discussions if you’re not sure whether you are posting in the right place.

Avoid Self-promotion

A conversation or comment that contains only a link to your blog, product, or an article on another site will in most cases be removed.

Don’t just Copy Paste

If you’re using someone else’s work, make sure to properly cite the quoting. Never claim others craft as yours.

English Only

We welcome people from anywhere in the world to join our community. However, to ensure that everyone can understand each other, and that we can help everyone, all discussions at Surrogate are to be done in English. Comments and posts in other languages will be moderated and deleted.

Most of All - Have Fun!

You are part of the next generation of gaming - enjoy it!

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

SurrogateTV Team