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What can I do in this site

Hi Koke! Thank you for asking that.

You can suggest ideas on what games we should build next. Suggest new features for existing projects like Race Real Cars 1:43, and keep up the discussion. We’re still figuring out what’s the best way to organize the community, but if you have some ideas, please share! :slight_smile:

Hi everyone ,

I’m Ruben, joined the community after beeing aware throught the makers magazine of the remote car idea,
wich was one that crossed my mind a few years ago when i was trying to build a Virtual Reality arcade room.
I think is important to link ourselves with people that share the same passion of creation, and try to mix emergent technologies into new awesome experiences. in regards to theVR arcade room I got not even close to where surrogate is with the project.
To build such projects you need people who dare to dream, who have technical knowledge and who take the time to achieve their goals troughout the project. the technical knowledge was my falldown.

Now , the reason I joined this community.

To get involved into a community were i might learn new technical skills, share some ideas that might open possibillities into new projects. And the most important to get to know people and together share the passion of creation.

How I saw the remote car project.

The idea was to create a real race track with Mini-Z cars, those would be controlled by the Virtual reality Simulators drivers. The idea sounded fun…“Honey, I Shrunk the Kids/Cars”.
The vision of a park with a 1000 square foot real track and 20 Simulator drivers sounded great…
A mini F1 with a 360 integrated camera …no deadly accidents just awesome jumps could be felt with no danger, where people could go to the local track and watch the city finals and later go national and even international to meat other drivers, other tracks, a good mix between online/offline connection.

I think surrogate can do the same as more and more people have VR material home and can train anywhere in the world. An old skatepark could be easily transformed into an awsome race track. As more and more drivers join the community, prices could be distributed though organised events.

A bit like ultimate ninja warrior but for racing “ULTIMATE DEADLY RACE”.
Hybrid cars can be build like a hovercraft and use mixed tracks water/earth…

Join the conversation and help sharing ideas, maybe surrogate should put an idea vote system to help guide projects into reality.

Keep in touch…

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