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Welcome to the build thread of project Batman66, where we share news and updates on building the world’s first real-time internet controlled pinball machine. During the development process, we will be engaging with the community, sharing insights, testing, giving early access to our active members and defining the details of the experience.

:ballot_box_with_check: Right now we have:

  • SurroRTG :exploding_head: - Surrogate’s low latency video streaming technology designed for interactive real-time experiences. Allowing people to control robotics thousands of miles away, as if they are playing a video game.
  • :bat::joystick: Batman66 (Catwoman Edition) Pinball Machine. We’ve asked pinball enthusiasts on Reddit, Facebook, and Discord, which pinball machine we should get. Batman66 was leading all the polls, so it was a no-brainer. With the help of Stern Pinball representatives, we have managed to acquire the limited edition Batman66 Catwoman Edition flipper for this project.

:card_file_box: Things that need to be done:

  • Set up the camera for the video stream - choosing what’s the best angle, lens type, etc.
  • Design the environment for the pinball machine. What should be the light setup, how do we decorate the exterior, etc.
  • Define the controls - test what are the best controls to play pinball on a computer
  • Figure out how to integrate the internet connected controls to the Pinball Machine
  • Lots of coding :computer::coffee:

We look forward to hearing your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.

Stay tuned!

SurrogateTV Team

We figured out a way to connect the pinball controls to the internet. Turned out to be much easier than we expected. All we had to do was to connect some extra cables to the existing pinball machine wiring and hook it up to a realy. Now, just need to do some Python coding. :nerd_face:

Looks sick! Really looking forward to trying this. When will you release it?
Will it have a multiplayer mode too?

I had one these machines and I spent so much time on it. It might still be somewhere at my parents’, might dig it out from the dust at some point :cold_face:

Glad you like it! The plan is to release the game as a 4 player multiplayer from the begging. We don’t have a set launch date just yet. Batman66 is a great collectible with a good resale value, don’t let it dust. :open_mouth:

We figured out a creative way to position the camera for the Pinball Machine. Since the camera is attached to the ceiling, people will be able to easily play the game at the location, or connect to the flipper via SurrogateTV and play the game remotely - all at the same time. :sunglasses:

We have a pinball machine at the office and I’ve realized that the ball can sometimes get stuck. Will you have some kind of mechanism to tilt the pinball from someone’s keyboard, over the internet?
Seems pretty difficult to do…